Summer Solstice 2014

Summer Solstice – 2014

Summer Rising | Glastonbury, Somerset | June 2014 So today…I got everyone up at 3am, drove 20 miles to Glastonbury Tor, climbed a zillion steps (before coffee) shot the sunrise, danced with a semi naked man in a jingly mini skirt, welcomed the return of summer and back home before 7am! 

Not sure if that’s commitment or madness but our efforts were more than rewarded as the warmth of summer broke the distant horizon to the hypnotic rhythm of African drums. Magic!

HAPPY SOLSTICE everyone xx

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Strawberry Moon - By Moonfruit Photographhy

Strawberry Moon | Friday 13th

Friday 13th June 2014

The ‘Honey’ Moon or ‘Strawberry’ Moon as it’s sometimes known, rising in the twighlight sky behind my favourite tree in Somerset, UK.  This is the Full Moon closest to the Summer Solstice and is significant for it’s low arc across the sky at this time of year. The strawberry tint to the moon is just an illusion caused by it’s proximity to the horizon. The light waves travelling through the thickness of the astomphere behave in a similar way to the light of the sun at sunset.

This is the 1st time a Full moon has fallen on a Friday 13th for many many years too :) x

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Wheel of Time | Star Trail #1

I’ve been wanting to try this for ages. Star trails requires the right weather conditions and (lack of) moon activity to capture starlight at it’s best. Darkness is key.

Somerset Star Trails

It gets pretty dark where I live. Dark enough for a beginner anyway. I take advantage of this as much as poss. When the moon is right and the skies are clear, I shoot the night sky from my back garden. If I had a baby sitter, I might venture further, but for now while my kids are little, I’m happy enough pottering around the garden in the dark :)

This particular image is made from 96 separate 20 sec exposures. These are ‘stacked’ in photoshop to form the final image. The ‘apparent’ movement of stars appear as streaks of light, in concentric circles. But actually it’s us that’s moving. This stack represents 32 mins of earths rotation.

I kept the overall exposure fairly short here. Next time I’m going for a longer time span.

Settings for this were: 17mm | 2.8 | 1600 | 20s  x 96 = 32 mins of time

More detailed post on image stacking – coming soon…..